Zeba Foundation

Zeba Foundation was formed in November 2021 after the tragic death of Zeba Khatoon Hasim. Its primary goal is to support underprivileged girls in India to get a good education. But it also wants to support and nurture girls with mental health challenges and promote mindfulness.

About Zeba

Zeba was born on 10th November 1996, she had a younger brother Mohammed Sarfaraj, with who she has a close bond. In 2017, she was graduated with in History honors and went on to be a community-based teacher, supporting local children with their studies. On 1st November, her mother come home to find Zeba dead in the kitchen, after a tragic accident.

Zeba's Dream

Zeba loved studying and education. She was planning to set up a local coaching centre, so help could be given to more students. The Zeba Foundation plans to deliver that dream in her memory. We will look at ways we can create safe environments to study either in the classroom or in digital spaces.